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Everest base camp helicopter tour

Everest base camp Helicopter tour

Everest base camp helicopter tour is for many travellers who they would like to Explore the Everest Base camp but not enough time and do not like to hike for many days during to their and fitness and health conditions. So we do have best and suitable package trip for exploring and visit Mount Everest and many other mountain Himalayan peaks surround.

Our Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour is the best way to experience Everest and many other Himalayan peaks in a single day. We Start our tour flying from Kathmandu to the east to Lukla which is a beautiful Sherpa village inside the  Sagarmatha National park,  From the Lukla, we fly to the Everest Base Camp which is one of the most famous and visited trekking destinations in the world. We will also have a great opportunity to view a  great views of the Khumbu Glacier which is located between Mt. Everest and the Lhotse-Nuptse ridge.

We stop at Kala Patthar for the outstanding views of the world’s highest mountain and it’s the adjacent Himalayas. We  fly to Syangboche for the breakfast in the lap of Khumbu Himalayan ranges which is for around twenty minutes. Then fly back to Lukla and return to Kathmandu.

Landing at Lukla airport
Landing at Lukla airport

Flying route of Everest base camp Helicopter tour:

Kathmandu Airport to Lukla  – Namche Bazaar, Pheriche, Gorakshep and Mt. Everest Base Camp, Kalapathar and return to Everest view hotel then to Lukla – Kathmandu

Duration of Time : 3.30 to 4:00 hours
Landing Spot of Helicopter: Lukla 2860 MTRS for fueling.  Kalapathar (Everest Base Camp) 5,555m, for picture and video. Everest View Hotel for Breakfast.

Quick information / quick answer : WhatsApp  : +977 9851069596 ( Subash ) 

Advantages of Doing Everest base camp Helicopter tour 

Mt. Everest base camp trek is dream trip for every adventure lovers because of its popularity. When you start your trek to Everest Base Camp you are at 2,850m/ 9,000 ft and start walking to 5,364m/ 17,500ft high in the Himalaya’s. All person may not able to make the trek to Everest Base Camp due to their health and fitness condition but still desire to see the Mount Everest, top of the world. For those peoples, we offer Everest Base Camp helicopter tour beside that we  will have great opportunity land near by  Everest Base Camp.

The entire day tour via helicopter provides the marvellous opportunity not only to reach base camps but it also offers satisfactory and unique aerial views to admire targeted mountain from near with many another outstanding neighbour Himalayas as the addition. The helicopter tour in Nepal Himalaya  is very effective for those who want to explore magnificent views from close within short period along with less effort and it is really acceptable in winter.

Top Advantages.

1. Fly Low: – The helicopter can fly very high and at the same time descend much lower compared to an aeroplane,  therefore  offering the passengers numerous scenic angles. Flying through gorges and between mountains is an exceptional experience.

2. Different type’s views: – Touring on the ground offers you only one view so that  while touring on a helicopter offers you a panorama view and enables you to experience so much more within a limited period of time.

3. Safety Landing: – The helicopter’s manoeuvrability allows you to land just about anywhere for an Everest Base Camp Heli tour  to various sights and attractions that are seemingly impossible to get to.

4. Private tour: – The limited personnel on board per flight allows for a more personal tour where you can ask questions and the pilot gives commentary.

5. Breathtaking experience: – The feeling of being on air itself is exciting enough to get the adrenaline pumping beside that  topped up with all the remarkable views you will see during your scenic flight.

Landing at Kalpatthar
Landing at Kalpatthar

Tour  offer

Everest Base Camp  Helicopter tour offers us an unique opportunity to not just only to be in the base camp of Everest but a lifetime experience with the highest mountain of the world and gets the best views of Mt. Everest and adjoining Himalayas on a high-class helicopter flight.

What can we expect ?

-An Amazing scenic Helicopter Flight to Mt. Everest and surrounding Snow caped Himalayas beside that Fly over, The unique village of Khumbu region, with surrounding snow caped mountain.
-Fly over Everest Base camp closely therefore its is  great opportunity to view the Everest base camp and glaciers.
-Great opportunity to land into the Lukla airport. One of the unique airport in the world,
-Landing at Kalapattar which a best and a close Viewpoint of Mt. Everest, Lhotse, and many other,
-A Great opportunity to take a video or Photo on the Lap of Mt. Everest.
-A lifetime experience, having breakfast with the view of Mt. Everest from Dingboche.
-The Land of Mt. Everest by your foot.

Best Time.

Best time to Day Tour to Everest Base Camp by Helicopter is September to April. Spring and autumn are the best tourist seasons in Nepal for trekking and travel.  Helicopter day trip in the winter guarantees equally clear views, However, being the monsoon season the months of June, July and August are not recommended for the Tour to Everest Base Camp by Helicopter.

The best time for Everest base camp Helicopter touris September to May in Nepal, March to June, the normal temperature is 15 to 20 degree Celsius during the day while sun shinning.  morning and evening can be bit colder with around 0 to 05 degree as well as cold wind.

Weather and climate condition of The Everest base camp and surrounding area.

The weather of the Mt. Everest area is totally depending on the season however Everest Base Camp can be visited all around the year and also depends upon the altitude and areas of visit. The month of monsoon such as July to mid September is wet but totally clean and green with as well as humidity.

Everest base camp Helicopter tourtakes you beyond 4,000 meters. Day is clear where there is strong sunlight and UV because of reducing oxygen as well as air pressure,

Mid September to December is also the best and clear weather. The temperature is more or less -05 to -10 degree Celsius in the morning and night time. During the sunlight maximum is 15-20 D.C

December to March is the coldest months with chances of snows with minimum of -10 to -15 degree Celsius with maximum 15-18 degree this time of the year is clear with fine blue sky and Great views of Himalayas. From the mid of March, again the warm season is beginning.

Clothing for  tour to Everest base camp Helicopter tour


  • long base layer shirts.
  • shirts short sleeve
  • 2 fleece sweaters – one lightweight, one heavier
  • Sandals.
  • Warm Jackets and pants

 Outer layers. 

  • wind/rain proof overlayer- jacket and pants
  • down vest
  •  warm winter hat
  • peak hat
  • pair of gloves
  • Sun glasses ( UV protection )
  •  camera with, extra batteries.

Drinking water, Chocolate, some snacks, ETC.

Trip Notes:

Flying hours as well as the stop over time  depend upon the weather and pilots decision, whether it’s perfect for stops and landing at villages or at Everest base camp, as the mountain weather can be random sometimes during after the mid day normally.

Our team will try to do our best to cover significant highlights stops on this Helicopter trip as much as possible providing you with an extra time to observer local culture visit of monasteries, as mentioned above with full 4 to 5 hours of charming and pleasant time in our Helicopter Flight to Everest Base Camp.

Everest view hotel by Helicopter
Everest view hotel by Helicopter

Model of Helicopter which we provide.

We have different types of helicopters presently operating in private sector:
AS350b3e/ series of helicopters which are manufactured by Euro copter, France is very famous all over the world as well as Bell Helicopter from the USA.  The Helicopter we use depend on the area and altitude. We use B3+. B-3, B-2, these are the most versatile helicopters and is suitable for mountain flying and all types of helicopter missions.

 Safety Notes:

-Wear seat-belt during flight ever leave the assigned seats during board.

-Some time pilot needs to re-position the helicopter even after touching down the helipad.

-Do not throw any objects from the helicopter during the flight.

-Never smoke unless the Captain indicates that it is safer to do. Do not change or stand from your allocated seat.

Contact for us :

Subash: Mobile: +977 9851069596 whats app, Viber, Direct call

Email: info@excitingnepal.com 

Smalla Video clip.

More information and post.

Base camp Helicopter tour 

Helicopter tour with landing 

Everest base camp Helicopter flight 

1. Kathmandu to Lukla Airport: 45-minute ride (fueling time is 10-15 minutes)

2. Lukla to Kala Patthar: 25 minutes (landing time is 10-15 minutes)

3. Kala Patthar to Syangboche (Everest View Hotel): 12 minutes (landing time is 45 minutes for breakfast)

4. Syangboche to Lukla to Kathmandu: 1 hour 20 minutes

Early in the morning, we’ll pick up you from the hotel and drive to domestic terminal of International Airport.

Your journey starts from Kathmandu Airport. As the Helicopter move eastward, you’ll be welcomed by the magnificent vistas of green hills passing Dolakha village around Jiri village. Heli ride continues over the Lamjura-La-Pass of 3,550 m high, covered in thick rhododendron forests.

After 45 minutes, helicopter lands at Lukla with the magnificent view of chains of Himalayas. Lukla is situated at an elevation of 2,820 m above sea level. Lukla airport is one of the famous small airports with a small runway in the world.

Here you’ll get some time to observe the local Sherpa traditional life. You’ll see many guides and porters are waiting for their clients.

After a short stop for fueling purpose at Lukla, you’ll fly towards Namche Bazaar. Namche Bazaar is a Sherpa capital of Khumbu region. It is also famous as the gateway to the Everest region.

From Namche Bazaar, we will head higher towards other interesting villages including Syangboche, Tengboche, and Gorak Shep. Also, during the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, you may spot some trekkers making their way to Base Camp.

From the window, you’ll enjoy the view of beautiful Khumbu Valley surrounded by some world’s highest peaks.

Then, you’ll fly over Everest Base Camp will offer you a glimpse of Khumbu icefall and glaciers.

Admiring all these views next you’ll stop at Kala Patthar for the majestic view of the world’s highest mountain and its neighboring peaks.

The helicopter will stay for 10-15 minutes, then fly back to Syanboche to the Everest View Hotel. The hotel’s terrace offers an indescribable view of different snow-capped mountains and Everest peak.

Here you’ll get to enjoy the five-star breakfast with the majestic mountain views in the distance.

After enjoying this magical journey, you’ll fly back to Kathmandu and transfer to your hotel.

Definitely, it is stunning once in a lifetime view!

Trip Cost US$ 1200 Per person
Cost Includes:
  • Hotel pick up and drop.
  • Helicopter flight to Mt. Everest.
  • All landing charges.
  • Value added tax and service charge.
  • All official taxes,
Cost Excludes:
  • All your food and drinks.
  • National park fees ( 30 USD ) 3390 NRS.  if applicable
  • Khumbu Village developers (Tax 18 USD) 2000 NRS  if applicable.
  • Airport Tax. ( 1.5 USD ) 200 NRS.

Start Date - End Data Status Cost Book This Trip
09/06/2018 - 09/06/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1150 per person Book this trip
09/16/2018 - 09/16/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1150 per person Book this trip
09/09/2018 - 09/09/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1150 per person Book this trip
10/27/2018 - 10/27/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1150 per person Book this trip
10/29/2018 - 10/29/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1150 per person Book this trip
11/01/2018 - 11/01/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1150 per person Book this trip
11/14/2018 - 11/14/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1150 per person Book this trip
11/20/2018 - 11/20/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1150 per person Book this trip
09/01/2018 - 09/01/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1200 per person Book this trip
09/02/2018 - 09/02/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1200 per person Book this trip
09/03/2018 - 09/03/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1200 per person Book this trip
09/04/2018 - 09/04/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1200 per person Book this trip
09/05/2018 - 09/05/2018 Guaranteed US$ 1200 per person Book this trip

01: How high is  the Everest base camp ( EBC ) helicopter tour ?

Everest base camp Helicopter flight tour is 4,000 m to 5,500 meter  high or above in some areas (18000 feet).

02:  Our Helicopter Helicopter land at the mount Everest Base Camp?

Yes, it can  land at Everest base camp but need very special permit for to land the Helicopter at the Everest base camp. However Kalapather is the best view point of Mt. Everest,

Landing at the Everest base camp is depends upon the weather and as well perfect landing areas, which sometimes can be hard to land when wind, avalanches and rock falls might obstruct the landing spot. We can also fly over the Everest base camp.

03: How much time we can spend at the Everest base camp  ?

It depend on the season and weather, during peak and high season for mountaineering expeditions, the areas are  full of camping with different expeditions to Mt. Everest climb.

However, it does allow landing for sometimes, just to click your camera and catch the views of the surrounding superb areas of Khumbu Ice Falls and glaciers. We land at the kalapatthar for the best view and click the Picture with mount Everest back drop. It also good to know that we can not see the Mt. Everest from the Mt. Everest base camp.

04: Trip handling is with  well trained and experienced?

No doubt about it, all our guides and pilots are expert and professional in this line of job with more than decades of experience leading world-wide customers showing the wonders of Himalaya with full knowledge in flora-fauna, local culture and history with traditional life.

All our guides and field staff well trained with medical knowledge and can help you when emergency situation rises with proper care and pledge and will treat you with medical know how, if its serious they are well equipped to call for helicopter services for emergency evacuation.

05: How are the arrangements for safe drinking water on this trip?

we recommend you to carry your safe water for the mean time and while we land at the Syangobche for the breakfast, there we can buy the safe drinking water.

06: Is there any extra hidden cost during the trip?

There are no any extra hidden charges after you book your trip with us. It includes your permit, Hotel-Airport-Hotel Pick up and drop, All Tax and service charges are including

However your food and drinks need to pay by yourself.

 06:  How do I book Mount Everest helicopter tour with your company?

It is easy, you can book with us directly, we need your exact date for the trip from you and need your copy of passport, We need 30 % of advance for the booking, can pay by card, bank transfer, online, please check our booking and payment system. Paying by card is https://www.excitingnepal.com/payment-details/

 07: I am travelling single, Can I join with other group ?

Yes, this is group joining trip, so all solo traveler can join. Please e-mail us with your preferred flight date. It helps to share cost of Everest base camp helicopter tour.

08:Do you carry oxygen tanks in case of emergency?

Yes, we always have oxygen cylinder for an emergency.

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Trip Facts

  • Group Size: 01
  • Minimum altitude: 1300
  • Maximum altitude: 5350
  • Season: March to may - Mid Sept to Mid Jan
  • Grade Info: Easy
  • Transportation: Helicopter
  • Total Days: 01

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