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Peak Climbing

Peak climbing in Nepal

Nepal is the home of 8 peaks of the world among top 10 highest peak of the world which concludes that Nepal is the Himalayan Kingdom. Peak climbing in Himalayas of Nepal is a dream for many climbers. Nepal also consists of more than 1300 snow capped trekking peaks which makes Nepal as the most popular destination for mountaineering expeditions.

Peak Climbing in Nepal offers the climbing opportunity for trekkers in peak with lower height and easy for expedition rather than the higher peaks like Mount Everest, Annapurna, Langtang because these mountains are hard to climb as well as requires high physical fitness and experience. Often these peaks are referred as “trekking peaks of Nepal” which are comparatively higher than the highest mountains in Europe or Africa. Among the peaks we climb some requires technical skill and experience but many others can be climbed with moderate level of fitness and basic climbing skills.

In Nepal, Peak Climbing is regulated and oversaw by Nepal mountaineering cooperation (NMA). As a member of NMA, we are sanctioned to get climbing permit and work the climbing campaigns for our customers. Peak Climbing in Nepal generally hinges on upon the experience, nature of guide and the plans of the trekking organization for a climbing excursion to end effectively.

Our principle objective is to get many clients to the summit and more essentially return home safely and securely. We compete to offer a sheltered, safe, fruitful, charming and enjoyable background, and will do everything conceivable to accomplish each of these objectives. We use just the prepared, trained and qualified climbing guides who have past climbing experience on that specific mountain. We generally attempt to furnish our excursions at most reasonable expenses as possible. We cooperate with you to arrange your climbing trek and realize your dream to be on a Himalayan peak.