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How to choose your guide?

While you book your trek / tour / another very important things is to choosing your guide. For the successful trek or tours it is also depend your guide that how knowledgeable. Here are some point how to choose your guide,
-We must check his language.
– Experience
-Equipment for the trek.
-Know know the local knowledge.
-He or she much have to have government license for the tour or trek.
-He or she must have to have commanding power to lead the group.
-He or she much have to have first aid tanning.
– He or she must insured from the company.
-He or she must know the route / local tea houses, in route place for the lunch.
Except for these your guide need to look after safety during the trek /tours. Regional Knowledge is another part. Adaptability: Responsiveness, Responsibility, Time saving are also factors that your guide must have to have.