Manaslu Trek Permit and Their Cost

The government of Nepal has declared some villages in Manaslu circuit as restricted areas to trek. These villages share borders with Tibet and thus has easier access to Tibet. The villages from Jagat to the village of Dharapani falls under the restricted areas. Thus, you need a special trekking permit to Manaslu called as the […]

Lower Manaslu Trek

Lower Manaslu Trek sits in the lower Manaslu region of Gorkha district also known to the name Gorkha Historical trekking. In this trek, you will walk along the trail to lower Manaslu valley in Gorkha district. You will also get to explore the historic, religious, cultural and ecological significance of Gorkha district while trekking. If […]

Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 Days

Annapurna Base Camp Trek 7 days is one of the shortest treks to do in Nepal. It is enlisted in the most popular trekking destinations among the Annapurna trekking. You will have the best life time during these seven days. The 7 Days Annapurna Base Camp Trek will give you immense opportunities to view the […]

trekking in nepal in november

Trekking in Nepal in November

Nepal is a popular destination for enthusiastic trekkers in the world. A wide range of treks starting from Short and Easy treks to tough high altitude treks are possible in Nepal. November is one of the Autumn months. Autumn is the peak season for trekking in Nepal. November offers a comfortable weather condition for trekking […]

Everest Base Camp Trek in May

Everest Base Camp Trek in May

Nepal is no longer an autumn destination. You can trek to the highest mountains of the Earth in almost any season. Summer is one of the finest seasons of all for outdoor adventures. And, Everest Base Camp trek in May is a simply awesome experience. If you are a summer person, May guarantees warm weather, […]

everest base camp trek in april

Everest Base Camp Trek in April

If you love spring season and are planning your next trek, look no further than Everest Base Camp trek. Everest Base Camp trek in April is one of the best opportunities to experience nature at its best. Nature exposes its true color with lush green forests and flowering season. The sky is mostly clear, the […]